How to eliminate your rodent problems

October 20-26 has been marked as Rodent Awareness Week. This is going to an annual observance for educating individuals about the danger and presence of rodents as the household pests. As per a recent study, rodents turned out to be the most concerning pest to residents. They are capable of doing a lot of damage in a relatively short period of time. Also, they carry several infectious diseases, which can endanger your family. So, read this article to know how to eliminate your rodent concerns.

Signs You Are Dealing with The Rodent Problem

Rodent Nests

Rodents can make rodent nests with anything they come across, such as cotton, cloth, insulation, paper bits, etc. Usually, these nests can be found in secluded and dark places like attics, walls, between or under floors, where they would not be bothered. When you come across a rodent nest, there is a good chance that you have or had rodents residing at your place.

Rubbing Marks or Tracks

When the rodents have built their nests in your household, chances are they have even found food. If you spot dirty or greasy marks along the walls’ bottoms or floors, they usually result from coming in contact with the oily fur of rodents when they search for food.

Weird Noises

Nobody likes to hear weird noises at their place, specifically during the night, and particularly not coming from the walls. However, when you are dealing with a rodent issue, you will start hearing these strange noises when rodents travel between their feeding places and nests.

Gnawing Marks

You have rodents when you have found holes in containers, bags, or even in plumbing. Rodents can chew everything that comes their way to find water and food, including pipes. These small creatures will even chew wires in the walls, which can alarm a fire hazard.


Often, rodents will leave the fecal matter at places, where they just found food, like in kitchens, cabinets, pantries, food containers, under sinks, along baseboards, and inside cardboard boxes. When you see these droppings, do not touch them or clean without wearing protective gear like masks or gloves. This is because their droppings carry diseases.

Spotting a Rodent

It is evident that you have a rodent issue when you spot one. When you see one, it is likely that there will be more. Also, rodents breed quickly, where a female mouse can deliver six babies every three weeks and around 35 each year. Keeping that in mind, you need to do something about the rodent issue before the matter goes out of your hand.

Things to Do Regarding the Rodent Problem

To keep rodents away, you can take different measures. These ways include:

  • Always keep food in a rodent-proof container
  • Keep garbage in plastic or heavy-duty metal containers
  • Caulk and seal all holes outdoors, which lead inside
  • Keep shrubbery and tree limbs around your place trimmed
  • Try to keep storage containers about 18 inches off the flush and floor against walls to prevent rodents reaching and building nests around them
  • In basements, employ concrete flooring than the wooden one that rodents can easily chew through
  • Well maintain plumbing so rodents cannot access water
  • Ensure floor drains are sealed tightly in floors and put metal screening to the window near the ground
  • Minimize clutter at your place, specifically the things that you store on the floor
  • Check for rodents under the car hood during winter as they can take shelter near the warmth of a vehicle engine

For getting rid of these creatures, you can set traps with rat poison and food bait. However, these methods may be dangerous to households having pets and young kids.

To eradicate the rodent problem effectively and safely, contact a professional service like ours. We have years and years of experience in eradicating household pests. Contact us and never deal with this problem again.

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