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Two species that are part of the order Rodentia are rats and mice. More than 60 native rodent types and three invading pest species can be found in Australia. While eating, rodents chew and destroy food resources. This has the potential to cause terrible harm to a variety of different locations, including residential homes, commercial buildings, farms, and manufacturing facilities.

To assist you to get rid of these unhealthy pests from your residence or business place, Excel Pest Control provides rodent control and rat removal services. We have the perfect rodent pest control treatments that are guaranteed to start functioning immediately if you are dealing with a rodent issue. Our expert technicians have dealt with rat and mouse infestations in the past. To protect your health and property, we only employ the most advanced technology and environmentally friendly procedures.

    Common Rodent Pest Species Found in Australia

    Australia is home to several different rodent species. These rodents have evolved to survive in many Australian environments. Although they play essential ecological functions in keeping the balance of their environments, they are equally dangerous. You should use precautions around the following species of rodents.

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    House Mouse

    The typical house mouse is little. It takes them around a year to reach adulthood. Every year, females can bear six to ten offspring. With a 3-week pregnancy, sexual maturity is attained at around 6 weeks. House mice can live indoors or outdoors near people and are curious creatures.

    They are severe pests because their regular biting and chewing contaminate food, along with their droppings and urine. They can spread a variety of diseases and can expand to plague proportions. Disinfecting, rodent-proofing, traps, and chemical control are among the strategies used for rodent pest control.

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    Norway Rat

    The larger of the two pest rats is called a Norway rat. It is sometimes referred to as a common rat, sewer rat, or brown rat. In most cases, they live for nine to twelve months. Norway rats typically are awake at night. They have excellent swimming and digging skills. They can communicate through high-pitched voices.

    The Norway rat infests a variety of locations, including houses, supermarkets, fields, factories, and garbage dumps. Their nesting places are found in spaces between walls or roofs or in other places that provide private refuge.

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    Roof Rat

    The common Norway rat is larger than the roof rat. It is commonly referred to as the ship rat or the black rat. Typically, they live between 9 and 12 months. In populated locations or close to the shore, roof rats are frequently observed. They may nest on ships, buildings, roof spaces, and seashores due to their strong climbing skills.

    Roof rats eat a wide range of foods. They typically eat cereals, grains, vegetables, and nearly anything else that is edible. They can consume both meat and insects because they are omnivores

    Prevention Tips for Rodents

    You must prevent rodents from entering your house or business to make it rodent-proof. It is highly recommended to install barriers. For any rodent infestation, we can treat the problem and apply elimination techniques. You will receive advice from our rodent control experts on how to stop rodents from entering the building or living on the roof.

    • Identify and Seal Entry Points: To prevent rodents from entering your home, seal all openings. It includes cracks under doors, gaps under pipes, and openings around vents and pipes. Rodents may squeeze through even the smallest of openings.
    • Use Traps: Placing clip traps or live traps in areas where rats are likely to be present is a good way to catch them. Regularly inspect them, and safely get rid of any trapped rodents.
    • Employ repellents: You can use a variety of repellents to keep rodents away, including mothballs, peppermint oil, and ultrasonic instruments. It's important to keep in mind, though, that solutions might not work in every situation.
    • Keep Your Surroundings Clean: Keep your home neat and tidy since dirt and waste attract rodents. Food should be kept in airtight containers, dishes should be washed right away, and food shouldn't be left out overnight for pets. Keep your outside spaces neat and cut back any overgrown vegetation since rodents can hide in wood, garden waste, and long grass.
    • Contact Professionals: The best course of action is to hire Rodent extermination services if you have a severe rodent problem. They are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to solve the issue securely.

    Residential and Commercial Rodent Pest Control

    If your residence or place of business attracts mice, they will walk in. It's best to make sure that your house or business is not exposed to a rodent infestation. When it comes to jumping, climbing, and running rats and mice are great athletes. They can flatten their bodies and fit through the smallest places.

    Controlling rat infestations in workplaces is equally as necessary as doing so in private residences. If a commercial operation involves the preparation or storage of food, it is even more important to carry out rodent control for businesses. We are professionals at getting rid of undesirable rodents and other pests from commercial environments, regardless of what industry you are in.

    Experience Exceptional Pest Control Services with Excel Pest Control

    Why Choose Excel Pest Control for Rodent Pest Control?

    We are a reputable pest control business with a focus on offering pest removal and control services across Australia. You may evaluate how well we can assist you in getting rid of your rodent problem safely and effectively by taking into account these variables.

    • We offer environmentally friendly Rodent pest control Australia services delivered by trained, qualified personnel.
    • Rodent infestations are something we have successfully handled in the past. The behaviors and behavior of rats are well understood by our experts. They also know how to locate and seal down rodent entry holes.
    • Isolation, trapping, and baiting are just a few of the methods we employ. We also make use of goods that are secure for your family, and your pets.
    • They must complete the training before joining our skilled staff, and they show up on time. We offer pest control treatments on the same day.
    • Depending on the extent of the rat or mouse infestation, we will not only use tested treatment and removal procedures, but we will also provide you advice on certain rat control methods you might employ.
    Why Choose Excel Pest Control for Rodent Pest Control

    Our Rodent Pest Control Australia Process

    Traps and poisons can be dangerous and inefficient when used improperly. It's essential to keep in mind that a qualified and professional pest control expert should always perform rodent pest control. To properly get rid of rodents, we follow a standard and easy process.

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    Our pest control specialist will come to your home to check the severity of the rodent infestation. They will pinpoint the points of entry and nesting locations.

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    To prevent rodents from entering your property, the expert will cover up any openings or cracks that they might use. This may involve adding door sweeps or mesh screens, patching or sealing any gaps in the walls or flooring, or any other necessary repairs.

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    The technician may set either snap traps or live traps to catch the rodents that are already on your property. Regular trap checks will be made, and any rodents caught will be safely disposed of.

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    Placing Baits

    Rodent baits are perfectly located across your property by the technician and may be used in addition to trapping. The poison in these baits will kill the rodents when they consume it.

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    The technician will arrange a follow-up visit to look for any fresh evidence of rodent activity. They will make sure the isolation and trapping methods worked as planned to avoid future infestations.

    Signs of Rodent Infestation

    If you observe any of these symptoms, it is important to act right away to stop the infestation from getting worse. To evaluate the issue and create a plan for secure and efficient rodent pest control, seek pest control consultation from a licensed firm

    • Check for chew marks on the walls, electrical cables, furniture, and other items. Rodents bite on items to get their teeth filed down because their teeth are continually developing.
    • Little and shaped like grains, rat droppings are frequently discovered close to nesting sites or along the rodents' routes. When compared to older droppings, which are dry and crumbly, fresh droppings are dark and juicy.
    • In muddy or dirty regions, keep an eye out for tail marks or footprints, especially along walls or in places where rodents are likely to be present. In secret locations like tight spaces, basements, and attics, rodents will gather items like paper, cloth, and branches to make nests.
    • It's possible to hear sounds of clawing, chewing, or scratching, especially at night when rodent activity is at its peak.
    • Rodents have a distinct bad odor. You may detect a strong odor of urine or excrement in regions where rodent activity is present.
    Experience Exceptional Pest Control Services with Excel Pest Control

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Rats, mice, and other rodents are effectively eliminated from your properties by Excel Pest Management using a variety of techniques. To quickly catch and eliminate a rat or rodent infestation, chemical-free alternatives are also available. If you prefer them, they utilize traps made without poison. This is dependent on the severity of the infestation, so we advise you to get in touch for further information.


    Throughout the colder autumn and winter months, rodents constantly seek out protection and warmth. Although primarily nocturnal, they can also be active during the day. Rodents enter the basement and roof spaces in search of warmth and shelter. Comfortable nesting locations may be provided via ducting and roof heaters.

    The best approach to get rid of rodents is with pest treatment. Our expert experienced rodent pest controller has solutions that go above and beyond what our customers expect for the finest results.

    The majority of the time, our pest control professional will assess the situation before beginning any rodent treatments in residential homes. Lockable, tamper-proof stations are set up in out-of-the-way locations after a thorough evaluation.

    The severity of your rat problem may affect the average cost of pest management. The baits, tools, traps, chemicals, and amount of time needed for the professionals to service your property will all affect the cost.

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