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Dead Animal Removal in Melbourne

Dead Animal Removal Service in Melbourne by Excel Pest Control

Dead Animal Removal Service in Melbourne
Dead animals and stinky surroundings? Searching for professional dead animal removal service in Melbourne? Your search ends with Excel Pest Control!  For the past many decades, we are the pioneers and leaders in the business of dead animal removal in Melbourne and other regions of Australia.  We undertake pest control treatments and dead pet removal service of all kinds of pets, from all kinds of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional sites.

We offer dead animal removal service on the same-day of your call, so that you do not to bear the stench and stink of the carcasses, for longer than the minimum possible time!  Our cleaners and technicians are qualified, certified, authorised, highly skilled, professionally trained and experienced enough to handle all kinds of pest infestations and dead animal removal service in Melbourne!

Our master cleaners and technicians regularly undergo seminars and refresher courses to attain and upgrade their training in the latest methods and techniques in pest management services and dead animal removal. Our exclusive emergency desks and customer care cell function 24×7 on all 365 days of the year, including weekends and public holidays.

We use eco-friendly chemicals, cleaning agents, dehumidifiers and deodorisers. The apparatuses and equipment and the machinery we use, are from the latest technology. All our services, processes, products and implements are approved by the government and conform to the set Australian standards of public safety, sanitation, public health and hygiene.

Why Excel Pest Control is The Best Choice ?

  • Here are a few points which would make your decision to us, an easy one! We are pioneers and leaders in the business of dead animal removal in Melbourne and in other areas of Australia.
  • Our expert cleaners and technical staff are licensed, authorised, technically trained and professionally skilled in handling latest equipment and chemicals and processes for removal of dead pets and friendly, helpful and cordial in their behaviour.
  • Same day Service, dedicated emergency cell and customer-oriented services 24×7 on all 365 days of the year, including weekends and public holidays
  • Our quotation comes free and without any hidden charges.
  • Very reasonable prices.
  • Utmost care and concern for your property and belongings, during the course of the service, with absolutely no major disruption to your set-up or your routine!
  • Our team of experts, works dedicatedly to make and keep your premises free from pests and dead animals.
  • When a dead animal is left in your property, due to accident or in the natural course, call us right away. Our experts use the best and safest options to help you get rid of the carcass.

Importance of Dead Animal Removal Service :

Excel Pest Control offer you dead animal removal service in Melbourne and in other states of Australia, too! Although it is common to have pets at home in an apartment or a gated community, the real problem however arises when a pet or a stray animal dies. The stench becomes so unbearable that you find it difficult to even breathe!

If the carcass is of a small sized animal, such as a rat or a mouse, you just pick it up and dispose of it with your garbage. Even then, the unbearable stench, the maggots, the fear of infections, allergies and deadly diseases still remains! That is why it is always prudent to hire our dead animal removal service in Melbourne.

Leptospirosis, salmonella as well as other cardiovascular and cardiothoracic diseases are all caused by pests and rodents, more dangerously by the carcasses lying around. Things would soon go out of hand, if you do not deal with it right away! Hire the best services from Prudent Pest Control and get rid of the unbearable stench and stink of carcasses at the most reasonable costs.

The Best Services in Dead Animal Removal in Melbourne:

All living beings have to perish and animals too, just like any other species are not an exception! While death is a natural occurrence for some, it is not natural for some. Dead rats, rodents, mice and other nasty critters in your vicinity, can be a nuisance and a danger to your health! Carcasses of animals start deteriorating, degenerating, decaying and decomposing within a few hours.

The carcasses start stinking and spoil the atmosphere in the entire surrounding, there making it impossible stay in the place.  Allergy attacks, infections, diseases soon uninvited! Immediate action and effective dead animal removal service are the best bet to bring the situation back to normal, as soon as possible!

At Excel Pest Control, we value your time as highly as our own. We give you the best, most effective as well as economic services, that too on the same day you call us!  When you hire our services, you and your co-inhabitants do not have bear the stench and filth of animal carcasses, for longer than the minimum possible time!

Take A Look at Our Dead Animal Removal Service :

We undertake dead animal removal service in Melbourne for the following on the same day of your call or even on emergency basis:

  • Dead Rats Removal : If you have laid traps or kept bait in your premises and if you have strong foul odour, it could be a dead rat. Carcasses of rats, rodents, mice and other pests tend to be found in odd places which are not easily accessible.
  • Dead Possum Removal: Possums too die in difficult places. The foul odour of dead possums is horrible and it lingers on, till the carcass eventually dries up. Dead possum carcass is a major health peril.
  • Dead Mice Removal
  • Dead Pet Removal
  • Carcass Removal
  • Dead Bird Removal
Dead Animal Removal Service in Melbourne

Irrespective of commercial, residential, industrial or institutional property, whenever you suspect foul smell due to dead pests, animals or birds, all you need to do is call our dedicated customer desk for dead animal removal service in Melbourne and leave the rest to our expert cleaners and technicians! They will not only remove the dead animal from the site, but will leave your premises dried, deodorised, dehumidified, with not a trace of any kind of infestation.

We provide the best, effective, durable pest treatments and pest removal services for dead animal removal service in Melbourne for rats, rodents and mice, cockroaches, beetles and bees, flea, flies and mosquitoes and for other critters and birds.

Advantages and Benefits of Dead Animal Removal Service in Melbourne :

Dead animal removal service in Melbourne is not the necessity of any particular category of buildings. Diverse sites in the industrial, commercial, hospitality and institutional sectors and of course residential sites are also prone to pest infestation! It is always better to be watchful for unexpected infestations or dead pests, birds or animals in your vicinity.

Whenever you sight or suspect rodents and pests in your surroundings, just call rodent Excel Pest Control and avail our services. Call us and get rid of the unbearable stink of dead animals and the health risks in your surroundings!

Dead animal removal and treatment is important and crucial for the safety, hygiene, health and overall well-being of your loved ones, especially senior citizens, the ailing and kids, without leaving your pets behind!

The main benefits and advantages of dead animal removal service in Melbourne are:

  • Live rodents, rats and mice carry and spread dangerous pathogens that affect your health and general welfare. Diseases such as Plague, Leptospirosis etc are spread by these pests. Their carcasses make conditions worse and more dangerous.
  • Bodies of rats, mice and rodents or other birds and animals and pets start decaying and decomposing hours after.
  • The stench of the pests, birds or animal dead bodies, attract other pests and insects such as ants, maggots, vultures, other stray animals etc. the problem therefore, keeps increasing, if not detected and disposed of in the infantile stages.
  • Dead bodies of these pests and critters are even more dangerous if they were baited, poisoned. In that case, inadvertently touching the dead bodies could be infectious. Scary, isn’t it?
  • Sanitation, hygiene and safety of your surroundings as well as the health and wellbeing of your family or your co-inhabitants compromised, if dead animal removal service is not availed as early as possible. Call Excel Pest Control immediately on sighting or suspicion of a dead animal in your premises.

The benefits of availing dead animal service, pest removal services and pest control are the health, hygiene, sanitation and overall safety of yourself, your co-inhabitants and living in a stench-free, buoyant environment and atmosphere.

Our Processes for Dead Animal Removal Service in Melbourne :

When you call our dedicated 24×7 customer service and book a service, our customised and specially designed vans reach you in a couple of hours or even earlier.  Our dead animal removal service in Melbourne kick-off with a thorough inspection of your promises to study the situation. At times, the situation could cause the death of these creatures and adding problems for you!

This is followed by chemical sprays and fumigation services before and after the treatment.  These chemicals, cleaning agents etc are totally safe for the environment and humans, especially senior citizens, the ailing and children.   Our cleaners and technical staff have acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in handling and disposing of animal dead bodies.

Dead Animal Removal Service in Melbourne
Not all buildings are the same, neither are all kinds of pests and their dead bodies! Our pest control experts devise an exclusive plan depending on the extent of infestation at your site. The process of begins after your approval of the proposed products, services processes and budget. If the severity is beyond normal limits, a follow-up treatment is recommended.

Special efforts and care are taken to identify if there are specific factors that could be causing the death of animals and other creatures. Our technicians complete the procedure of at your premises according to the action plan. We value your comfort, health and well-being and that of your dear ones.

Our equipment, apparatuses as well as the cleaning and deodorising agents that we use are not only government approved, but also totally safe for humans and pets too! When you choose Excel Pest Control, you are assured of the best, effective, reliable dead animal removal service in Melbourne!

Precautionary and Preventive Tips :

Although the death of animals, birds, pests and pets is a natural process and a matter of evolution, you can try and keep your premises isolated from dead animals and pests. Based on the findings of our inspection, our technicians will provide you specific tips to prevent, reduce and minimise infestation by rats, mice, rodents and other pests.

The following general tips and precautionary measures could help you keep your premises and your surroundings safe from dead pests and rat carcasses:

  • Always keep food leftovers covered. Open food is an invitation to rodents and pests.
  • Keep your garbage bins always closed and empty them on a daily basis. Pests love garbage!
  • Keep your surroundings clean and sanitised and your lawns and shrubs well-trimmed so that insects and pest do not build their colonies.
  • Do not leave pet food outside.
  • Install nylon mesh, fly screens or meshes doors for entrances, exits and windows.
  • Maintenance of proper hygiene, cleanliness and sanitation is most essential to keep pests away. That keeps pests and critters away.
  • Be careful with particles of food, spillage and dust and dirt on your floors and furnishings, which are an open invitation to pests and insects.
  • Cleanliness is Godliness! Use sanitisers, cleaning agents, soaps and detergents to clean your premises, utensils and other items.
  • Keep your floorings, furnishings, carpets, rugs, mattresses, curtains and other upholstery clean and dry.
  • Keep your premises, furniture and fixtures dry, clean and free of dust, dirt and food particles.
  • Keep your backyard, storage areas, garden, lawns etc clean and dry.
  • Spray insecticides, pesticides, dehumidifiers and deodorisers regularly.

Setting up mouse traps, keeping baits or placing rodent poison at strategic places of rodent frequency may be good options, but they are too cumbersome! Hiring effective dead animal removal services from Excel Pest Control is the best way out!

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