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Pest control services in Melbourne

Excel Pest Control is a licensed pest control services in Melbourne that specialises in domestic and industrial pest management locally. Our professionals are highly-skilled in producing effective results at an affordable price. We can prevent your home from additional damages by pests mitigation, fumigation, sanitisation, and deodorisation.

We use an environmentally safe method that provides you with safe pest extermination services in Melbourne. Our clients always recommended us with their acquaintances because of the effectiveness of our approved treatment methods for pest management. Call our pests exterminator in Melbourne.

Industrial pest control professionals in Melbourne

Pests growing wildly everywhere in your offices causes all sorts of predicaments. They can end up destroying your machinery, illnesses amongst workers, and even overthrow your company’s reputation. At Excel Pest Control, we provide exceptional solutions in disinfecting the infested area. Our industrial pest extermination technicians in Melbourne follow codes of practice and industry guidelines for disinfection which allows us to proficiently perform our work safely and adequately.

Our industrial pest controllers aid the following sites in providing absolute pest management treatment services:

  • Food processing plant
  • Food stalls and retail stores
  • Coffee shop and restaurants
  • School buildings and office facility
  • Hospitals and healthcare centre

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    Domestic pest control in Melbourne

    We offer domestic pest control services in Melbourne by creating a personalised plan for your fumigation needs.

    We apply an Integrated Pest Management method to administer our job outstandingly.

    As a part of our work’s success, we use natural products to safely manage all types of infestation.

    Our wide experience in home pest extermination services in Melbourne has established our credibility in rendering trustworthy disinfestation.

    Homeowners and renters are very gratified by our pest-control agents. Call us now for a vermin-free home. 

    Emergency pest control in Melbourne

    Have you noticed insects sneaking around your house recently?

    How about some scratching sounds above your ceiling?

    Our emergency pest control experts in Melbourne can skillfully handle all the annoyance at your place.

    Our licensed specialists can exterminate all types of vermins from your buildings and private property guaranteeing you that they will never get an opportunity to return.

    Excel Pest Control is a team of highly-skilled pest management agents that can smoothly provide prompt solutions.

    We got you covered through our emergency pest control services in Melbourne. 

    Same-day fast pest control Melbourne service

    Vermins at home are bothersome creatures that we can have.

    To eradicate them the soonest possible time, we provide same-day fast pest control in Melbourne.

    We are always available daily to provide you with suitable pest management.

    In domestic and industrial places, they can cause multiple types of damages and diseases which is why we are using reliable nature-friendly chemicals in exterminating these threatening pests.

    Our approved technicians are very devoted to providing you with the same day pest control in Melbourne. 

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    For the most effective pest control services in Melbourne, choose Excel Pest Control.

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    A thorough checkup, inspection and pest protection in Melbourne

    Excel Pest Control provides excellent building checkup and pest protection in Melbourne. We will perform site inspection, make a comprehensive report, and create an effective solution to professionally remove all sorts of dangers from your property.

    Termite removal and control in Melbourne

    Termites are insects that build nests both in the ground and wood. Oftentimes they are called white ants even though they are part of a different group of species. These insects have the potential of causing damages to wooden structures, buildings, wooden fixtures, and even a piece of furniture.

    We can provide you with effective termite removal and control in Melbourne to effectively exterminate the infected area. Through our assistance, we deliver a safe operation and a trustworthy termite treatment method.

    Ants control Melbourne

    Ants of distinct species are quite a problem as they attack any area at home. You can find them in your pantry, carport, etc. However, when ants begin to take hold of your home, don’t ever let your children and pets undergo the terrible consequences later on.

    We offer ants control services in Melbourne that involve inspection and effective disinfestation. Through our thorough knowledge of ants life cycle, we eradicate them by using reliable chemical solutions to deter them from coming back. We use an efficient method in Melbourne to ensure a positive result.

    Cockroaches control Melbourne

    Cockroaches are perilous insects that must be killed as soon as possible. They breed swiftly once they find suitable nesting grounds. They’re unexpectedly resilient to some home pesticides. Cockroaches also carry pathogenic organisms while spreading some allergens anywhere inside your home.

    If you are worried about getting your food and kitchen utensils infected, we are here to provide you with dependable cockroaches control in Melbourne. Eradicating them by yourself is just a temporary solution. It is best to hire reliable experts to effectively remove the menacing insects lurking around your household.

    Mice control Melbourne

    Mice are of similar species to rats that can also destroy your wooden fixtures at home despite their size. They impose threats to your wallpapers and home insulation by chewing those materials regularly.

    We provide an effective mice control method in Melbourne to entirely stop these critters from causing damage to your home. We apply diverse techniques to ensure your residence is free from mice.

    Rats control Melbourne

    Rats are menacing vermins that spread severe illnesses and cause harm to your building and home contents. It’s undeniable that they are uneasy to get rid of because of their agility and quick-witted minds.

    Luckily, Excel Pest Control has an impeccable rats control program in Melbourne to properly exterminate these vermins. As a part of our procedure, we do a home inspection, prepare bait stations, and apply preventive actions so they can never gain access to your household again.

    Spiders control Melbourne

    Spiders infest both outside and inside of your property. It is very necessary to have adequate hygiene to counter spider infestation. Also, it’s vital to know about health concerns due to their infestation.

    Knowing some DIY ways to eradicate spiders is a good thing but it is best to get a certified professional particularly when dealing with dangerous ones. Our specialists can provide you with reputable spiders control in Melbourne. Allow us to help you settle this matter carefully and securely.

    Wasps control Melbourne

    Wasps have distinct characteristics than bees and ants. Although they are very valuable to our environment, they can threaten the lives of every resident living nearby. Wasps are very aggressive insects by nature. They can repetitively sting their victims when caught off-guard.

    To carefully eradicate them, you must call a certified specialist to remove them. We have adequate equipment and we follow standard wasps control methods in Melbourne assuring you that you're in good hands. The best time in exterminating their nests is during winter as they are passive throughout this season.

    Rodent control Melbourne

    Like rats, rodents can also spread illnesses and can destroy wooden structures at your place.

    We provide a tailored strategy for rodent control in Melbourne. Our team of experts are very open and attentive to every concern that you may have. We strive in helping you to have a rodent-free home.

    Maggots Control Melbourne

    Maggots mostly come from a hatched larvae of flies. Somehow, when not careful enough, maggots can penetrate the human body through an open wound and eventually develop cutaneous myiasis.

    We provide maggots control service in Melbourne. We guarantee that our crew of experts are well-equipped with modern tools and nature-friendly pesticides to completely wipe out maggots.

    Bed bugs control Melbourne

    Bed bugs are a threat as they get to feed themselves on human blood and other mammals. Moreover, they are a carrier of infectious disease and transmit it from one person to another. They attack during bedtime making you restless because of itchiness.

    We carefully examine your environment to see the level of infestation. We then begin our bed bugs control treatment using the right pesticides that can fully exterminate bed bugs and their eggs.

    Beetles Control Melbourne

    Beetle's physical characteristics are unique because of its shell-like coating. They aren’t dangerous to humans unlike bed bugs but they can do damage to stored grains, packaged food, plants, fabrics, and even woods. Hence, it’s important to remove them completely.

    Beetles infestation can be eliminated through our beetles' control method in Melbourne. Regardless of the extent of the infestation, we have various methods to successfully achieve a satisfying result.

    Tick treatment Melbourne

    Ticks are amongst the effective transmitters of disease because they attach tightly when sucking blood, feed gradually and may go unrecognised for a substantial amount of time while feeding.

    To avoid being a victim from ticks, apply prevention methods to keep pests out of your yard in the first place. Let us spray your yard and create a barrier for these invaders. Since our tick treatment is effective, we don’t want you to be their next host.

    Possum Removal Melbourne

    Possum Removal Melbourne

    Possums are wild rodents that are often attracted to the living or working environments of humans in search of food and shelter. However, they are capable of causing severe damage and can dramatically influence your health and wellbeing. Book our affordable and high-quality professional possum removal service near you and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re protected.

    Dead Animal Removal Melbourne

    Our expert dead animal removal or carcass removal service is suitable for both residential and commercial properties that have been affected as a result of a pest or rodent infestation or other situations. Our trained pest control experts will arrive at your location equipped with all the necessary tools for safe and prompt dead animal elimination.

    Dead Animal Removal Melbourne

    Why choose us?

    Excel Pest Control remained as eco-friendly specialists for office and home pest control service in Melbourne. We have rich experience in various levels of care while providing effective pest management solution in Melbourne. Our team of approved experts can successfully eradicate and prevent unwanted vermins from making trouble to your businesses and private estate.

    Every service we’ve performed comes with a warranty period. Our pest control solutions are efficient and reliable compared to other harmful industrial solutions. In dealing with termites, rodents, mice, rats, bed bugs, beetles, spiders, wasps, and maggots we guarantee you satisfactory results making your surroundings free from any dangers. 

    About us

    Excel Pest Control is a group of licensed professionals who can effectively remove various types of infestation. We make sure that we undergo proper training to use the latest techniques to eradicate termites, rats, mice, rodents, wasps, beetles, bed bugs, spiders, ticks, and maggots. Effective treatments are applied to ensure you, your family, co-workers, and your dearest pets are safe.

    Our team takes pride in providing outstanding pest management services for business owners and homeowners. We ensure that no harm is done to the customers during and after the service. We work daily without delay because we care for you.


    Yes, we are always available 24/7 and offers you a same day pest control service.

    Normally, you can safely do the cleaning for about three to five days from the day when the treatment is applied.

    Doing it by yourself is a more desirable option if it only has a small scale of infestations. However, when it comes to more extensive infestations then you must save yourself from consuming too much time. You need certified professionals to effectively exterminate pests infestation at your residence.

    Our specialists can effectively eradicate rats, mice, rodents, ants, termites, beetles, ticks, maggots, spiders, wasps, and cockroaches.

    We apply water-based insecticides, therefore, carpet and furniture won’t be affected.

    Your air conditioning units and air ducts must be sealed before we apply our products. We spray down low so you don’t need to worry about any risks affecting your microwaves and other kitchen equipment.

    Please let us know so we can further discuss how it needs to be stored.

    Yes, we are trained and certified to use a certain amount of it during the operation and we also use safety data sheets as a requirement to meet the industry standards and ensure the right pesticides are being used.

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