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Pest Control Perth

Professional pest control service in Perth

We are a trustworthy team of practitioners who delivers effective pest control service. We have vast experience in providing careful eradication and removal of the pests.

Our certified technicians are equipped with updated information and eco-friendly solutions which are 100% safe for you.

Domestic pest control services in Perth

We offer outstanding domestic pest control service to residential owners. Our practitioners dedicate their time and effort to bring comfort to customers who are struggling with harmful pests.

We will run a thorough inspection of your house and decide which strategy is more suitable. Our team utilises organic solutions that are 100% safe.

    Industrial pest control in Perth

    Commerical Pest Control Service

    Our licensed experts can perform a careful step-by-step procedure to eliminate rats, mice, and ants in your workplace. We are well-informed in utilising advanced tools and nature-friendly treatments to your offices.

    With our broad experience, our services are proven to be the sought-after solution.

    Economical process for pest control

    Our professionals know how to conduct a complete removal of termites, maggots, rats, mice, and others alike. This is how we carefully perform our work:

    Careful inspection

    An inspection helps us locate the nests of vermins. In this way, we will be able to know the appropriate treatment without putting you at risk.


    We will be the one to decide the type of strategy to employ to ensure a 100% complete eradication. The treatments and equipment we use are nature-friendly that are proven safe to use.


    We will revisit your location to ensure no threats are left.

    Full pest eradication services as follows

    Excel Pest Control is popular for offering various types of vermin eradication. Here are our several premier assistance:

    Termite removal

    Termites feed on any materials that are made out of wood. Removing them by yourself can put you at high risk so it is highly recommended to consult a licensed specialist for complete removal.

    We know just how to conduct appropriate procedures and eco-safe solutions without any harmful effects to you. We adhere to our step-by-step procedure to ensure no vermins are left. Our experts will also provide significant preventive tips and monitoring for long-lasting outcomes.

    Ants control

    Ants often infest properties as you may notice them in and out of your kitchen. Leaving them unsettled may lead to undesirable consequences so don’t wait for the worst to happen and start coordinating with us!

    We will extensively inspect your premises for any signs of ants. We’ll carefully decide which eradication procedure is suitable and our technicians will utilise eco-safe chemicals to avoid any harmful side-effects.

    Cockroaches eradication

    Spotting a cockroach inside your premises is a strong indication that there are more roaches to expect. If this infestation is left untreated, they can produce more inside your premises which can lead to hazardous health conditions and discomfort.

    We understand your roach concerns. That is why we offer complete removal of cockroaches at an affordable cost. Our specialists can provide satisfactory results.

    Mice control in Perth

    Mice are tiny but they can bring huge disruption to your health and property. Mice traps may work temporarily, but they can infest you once again if not resolved by certified practitioners like us.

    Our technicians are punctual to provide top-class results for both commercial and residential premises. We are trained to use updated tools and organic solutions to avoid unfavourable effects.

    Rats eradication in Perth

    Rats bring numerous health conditions and wreck your commercial and residential home. Do not wait for more damage to occur.

    Our professionals are qualified to exterminate rats. From thorough evaluation to revisits, we can fulfil rat eradication, leaving you completely satisfied and comfortable.

    Spiders control

    Spiders are one of the bone-chilling insects. Since you need to get rid of their spider webs inside your premises, managing them alone can be risky and challenging.

    If you see spiders in your household, it could be an indicator that there are even more to expect. Speak with a licensed specialist for comprehensive removal of spiders.

    Wasps control

    Wasps are known to bring damage as they are generally hostile. Their sting can bring undesirable allergic reactions that can cause an extreme health concern. Thus, it’s wise to collaborate with certified technicians.

    Being one of the top choices, we consistently provide reliable assistance. With our complete wasp removal management, you can be at ease and pest-free.

    Rodent control

    Rodents can cause severe health illness, wreak havoc to building fixtures, and ruin your personal belongings. Their presence is a sign for you to seek professional help.

    We can provide impressive outcomes with our same-day services. Our specialists can excellently provide quality results. With our proven expertise, you can rest assured that your home will be rodent-free again.

    Maggots control in Perth

    Maggot problems bring harm to you, which leads to further health problems. The Do It Yourself solution provides temporary relief. So it is far better to call a maggot control company to settle this issue efficiently.

    We offer maggot extermination assistance for industrial and residential homes. Our practitioners recognise precisely how to handle and do appropriate solutions. We make use of eco-friendly insecticides to eliminate all maggot problems.

    Bed Bugs eradication

    Bedbugs are usually well-known to strike at bedtime. Their attacks cause allergic reactions like irritation and red spots on our skin. We are always ready to carry out reliable and fast bed bugs removal for you.

    We can head to your home quickly to resolve your bedbug trouble. Our technicians will do a thorough investigation of where the problem has started. Afterwards, we’ll apply suitable treatment to annihilate them.

    Beetles control in Perth

    Beetles are scroungers that feed a lot on meat, flour, rice, and veggies. Their sting brings damaging responses that hurt our skin. Because of the damaging results that they can inflict, seek immediate help within the day.

    Our competent practitioners can run a complete inspection throughout your place and offer effective preventative measures to ensure lasting outcomes. The chemicals that we often used are 100% nature-friendly without dangerous side-effects.

    Tick control in Perth

    Ticks can cause you serious health concerns such as Lyme illness that require instant medical attention. The swelling from the tick bite is a significant disturbance to achieve productivity and quality life.

    If you’re going to manage ticks alone without appropriate experience and knowledge, it can do even more damage. It is very suggested to let experts do what they’re great at.

    Emergency pest control services

    We know that infestation can hinder productivity and comfort. That’s why we take urgent actions to address your problem immediately. We are trained to act fast without decreasing the quality to secure a safe environment for you and your loved ones.

    We are always ready and committed to working hard until we’ve reached impressive results for you.

    Emergency Pest Control Service

    Same-day pest control Perth

     Same Day Pest Control Service

    Excel Pest Control team will be right at your front door on the very same day after you verified your appointment with us.

    Our specialists know how to provide immediate results to both domestic and industrial properties. With our fast same-day pest control, you are in good hands.

    About us

    Excel Pest Control provides in-demand pest management services to eliminate bedbugs, termites, spiders, ants, fleas, mice, rodents, wasps, and more. Our pest specialists have full technical knowledge in this line of business. We can assure a 100% pest-free environment for you as we use organic treatments for any pest difficulties.

    Why choose us?

    Excel Pest Control have qualified practitioners that are licensed to eradicate threats such as termites, wasps, mice, rodents, ticks, ants, beetles, and bedbugs. Our certified professionals are highly experienced that can fulfil satisfactory outcomes.

    We use organic spray solutions to ensure your safety. Our operation is accessible daily even at night to assist you better. With our proficient expertise, we can resolve your pest problems without any delay.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cleaning strategies for homes following pesticide use:
    • Always be patient.
    • Gather your cleaning supplies.
    • Choose a starting point, clean the floor, wipe the walls and windows, steam and vacuum the furniture, keep the house dry, and discard any unattended food.

    Here are few tips which you can follow to make your room ready for pest control:-
    • Getting your room eady for Pest Control.
    • Dishes should not be left in sinks.
    • Remove any standing water from your property and the area surrounding it.
    • Regularly vacuum.
    • Clean the counter tops.
    • When feasible, store all food and perishables in sealed containers.
    • All paper items should be thrown away or stored.

    Pest inspection include a complete check for infestations. A skilled pest inspector will search your property for any animals that might pose a threat. An assessment of any structural harm. Instructions for treatment and damage repair and will make a detailed pest report.

    The price range for a single cockroach treatment, is between $100 and $400, with an average price of roughly $150. Cockroach pest control treatment can cost more too if you have a significant cockroach infestation that needs more time and resources.

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