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Pest Control Adelaide

Pest Control Adelaide: Expert Solutions for a Pest-Free Environment

Excel Pest Control is amongst the sought-after company in Adelaide for providing a prompt removal of pests to both domestic and industrial settings. We provide eco-safe solutions in our procedures to nurture a safe environment even after an extensive extermination process on the harmful insects.

We can remove harmful pests from coming back to your domestic and industrial properties by assessing the affected location to distinguish your problems and eradicate all the harmful pests.

We utilise eco-safe materials to not cause any harm to the health of your family or the people inside your business establishment. All of our services are available 24/7 to accommodate the same-day and emergency needs of our clients. For your pressing pest extermination management needs, call us today and we will respond right away.

Emergency pest control Adelaide

We offer 24/7 eradication of pests to both domestic and commercial properties. We are quick and efficient in urgent situations happening in your home, business facilities, and buildings.

All of our specialists are licensed to employ organic solutions and comprehensive strategies for immediate pest eradication.

Domestic pest eradication services for Adelaide residents

We recognised the importance of eradicating pests inside your house. Our mission is to locate and terminate all types of pests from your home carefully. Once we examine your household and survey the degree of pest invasion, we’ll work immediately without interrupting the activities happening in your abode.

You can also set your desired time of service and we will then be happy to work at the period of your convenience. If you are experiencing pests issues in your household, don’t hesitate to call us right away!

    Professional Adelaide based pest control service

    Professional Pest Control Melbourne

    With many years of experience, we are one of your premier options if you are looking for experts in thoroughly removing pests.

    We provide dependable, reliable, safe, speedy and efficient pest control in both residential and commercial settings.

    Our highly qualified professionals are proficient in identifying and eradicating termites, mice, rats, rodents, wasps, beetles, bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, and maggots.

    We are prominent leaders in the industry delivering dependable pest control service in Adelaide.

    A thorough pest control procedure

    Our experts have comprehensive knowledge and a better understanding of all types of pest invasions. We are also provided with appropriate training that covers thorough building inspection and pest protection to deliver efficient solutions for you.

    Our comprehensive method includes the following:


    We will arrive at your doorstep an hour after your booking is confirmed and begin to examine the infected corner carefully. The inspection will aid in verifying the source of the pest infestation and to create a suitable way in eradicating them.


    The type of remedy depends on the nature of pest infestation. Our technicians will determine the appropriate method. We utilise environmentally-friendly chemicals to eradicate them safely and completely.

    Practical tips

    Once the treatment procedure is completed, we will provide practical preventive advice to avoid future damages made by them.


    For 100% satisfaction, our specialists visit your place again to assure there are no pests left. Whenever you detect a pest at your gorgeous home, let us know.

    Complete inspection and pest protection

    Excel Pest Control delivers complete inspection and pest treatment in Adelaide. Our licensed practitioners will run a full checkup to determine the severity of the infested location. From this, we will formulate a pest eradication strategy that will remove all the pests inside your property.

    Here are our specialises services:

    Ants removal

    Ants can generate faster and may invade our premises. You can see them everywhere, whether inside our houses or offices.

    We offer specialised ants removal in Adelaide that involves meticulous checkup and safe sanitisation of the infestation. Our team uses organic treatments to remove ants in your property. Our certified experts have an efficient method to assure you with 100% safe and incredible outcomes.

    Mice control

    Mice can escalate quickly and will do significant damage to your domestic, business and furniture through their gnawing operations. This pest can also contaminate food and other materials through the excrements they leave behind. Not only are mice destructive they have also known to cause house fires after masticating through electrical cables.

    We provide swift and efficient solutions to help get rid of your mice infestation dilemma. With over a decade of experience, our licensed and highly trained technicians are always there to execute our solutions superbly.

    Bedbugs control Adelaide

    Bedbugs are undesirable roommates. These bloodsucking pests can cause you to be unsettled and irritated. In our bedbugs control and extermination service, we can help you get rid of those pests by utilising our proactive designed process that is specifically made for bedbugs. Call us today and we will send over our technicians to check your place and administer our bed bug removal to ease you from your infestation problem.

    Rats removal

    Rats have different behaviours when they infest your property. Some rats are typically seen during the night and may bring damage to your furniture, food, and clothing.

    With our dependable rat eradication procedure, you can be assured these rats will be exterminated thoroughly using neutralise solutions. When you see any signs of rats infestations on your premises, call us immediately!

    Wasps treatment

    Being stung by a wasp is a difficult encounter and can be dangerous to any individual who might be sensitive to stings. Nonetheless, it is possible to lower these dangers by avoiding potential risk when outside and guaranteeing that wasp are appropriately controlled.

    Excel Pest Control is known for having an effective and affordable regimen for wasp infestation. Our comprehensive process can safely and conveniently provide relief from your wasp issues immediately.

    Maggots control

    Maggots are dirty and slimy creatures that you will hate seeing inside your household or business premises. A maggot infestation can cause plenty of issues that you need to eliminate before it can spread to different corners of your property.

    Once you have affirmed maggot movement, it will be wise to call our maggot extermination service. We will concentrate on disposing the slimy parasites alongside the grown-up flies.

    Cockroaches control

    Cockroaches are a huge risk to our health and peace of mind. They breed rapidly, so once you see a single cockroach roaming in your property, chances are they are hiding somewhere near.

    You are in good hands with us! Our professionals can assure you of 100% safe and thorough eradication of cockroaches in your property.

    Tick treatment Adelaide

    Ticks are harmful insects that feed on their hosts and can cause diseases. Once you have noticed their presence inside your property, immediate call experts who can perfectly handle the infestation right away.

    Call Excel Pest Control for immediate assistance. We will instantly attend to your tick infestation and provide you with the right solutions.

    Rodent extermination

    Rodents are bigger in size than rats. They can spread hazardous diseases and destroy walls, furniture, and even our clothing.

    Luckily, we can customise a removal strategy for rodents. We conduct impressive ways and apply eco-safe treatments to locate their hideouts.

    Spiders eradication

    Spiders vary in sizes depending on their species. When you notice one crawling spider inside your property, it is wise to contact specialists who can aid you excellently on this problem,

    Our certified practitioners are reliable in achieving a satisfying spider-free environment.

    Beetles eradication

    Beetles can cause severe damage to everything, from food to grains, and more. Luckily, our specialists can put a stop to beetle infestation effectively.

    Our approach can efficiently remove beetles inside your property.

    Commercial pest removal in Adelaide

    Excel Pest Control in Adelaide provides an extensive variety of industrial pest removal services that suits your needs. Vermin attacks are a general matter faced globally by business owners as well as building owners.

    You can see them potentially in the office, restaurants, warehouses, hotels, schools, clubs, hospitals, and factories. They can ruin the reputation of your business, your products, your time, and your money as well as it drives away your stakeholders.

    Commerical Pest Control Service Melbourne

    We understand the difficulty and problem caused by pests infestations. So, we strive to manage and eliminate pests from your buildings and facilities with our efficient treatment.

    Same-day speedy pest removal in Adelaide

     Same Day Pests Control Melbourne

    We provide same-day removal of termites, maggots, cockroaches, rodents, and a lot more from your residence.

    Our same-day speedy pest control services in Adelaide are always open 24/7. Pests inside your property can cause various types of damage. That is why we utilise eco-friendly techniques and chemicals to exterminate them.

    We work hard and deliver you with desirable results.

    About us

    Excel Pest Control is a trusted company in Adelaide with our experts proficient in providing effective and thorough removal of pests to both residential and industrial properties. Our accredited and licensed professionals can deliver prompt solutions and satisfactory results for your home pests protection.

    We take pride in performing a thorough service and quality eradication of pests. We can also provide you with same-day services in Adelaide ensuring you gratifying results.

    Why choose us in Adelaide?

    Our mission is to provide you with effective procedure and solutions for eradicating pests. We are profoundly equipped, qualified, and experienced specialists who can achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In order to prevent pest invasion and infestation, the pest management system should incorporate both physical and chemical controls. It should also offer a way to monitor, detect, and get rid of pests. Chemical controls should be in accordance with applicable laws or by licenced pest control professionals.

    They normally have soft bodies with straight antennas and are about 1/4 and 1/2 of an inch long. The queens and kings can grow to a length of more than one inch. White to light brown is the range of colours, with worker termites frequently appearing lighter and swarming termites darker

    The price range for hiring an exterminator in the country is $60 to 125. But prices differ significantly depending on the kind of pests and level of infestation.

    Ant extermination expenses range from $80 to $500, with an average cost of $150. The number of treatments needed to treat your infestation will affect the cost estimate.

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