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What makes us the most excellent choice?

excel pest control Melbourne
  • We deliver outstanding programs- Our four-step method provides the most practical solution to all past troubles without the recurrence of pests.
  • We are well-rounded with adequate information- Our licensed pest control experts are sufficiently trained about the latest technique and different types of pest so they can assist you properly without inconveniences.
  • We can reach your location without delay- Our emergency service is available 24/7 to attend to our customers quickly.
  • Customer-friendly service- Not only that we are experts, but we are also accommodating and pleasant in providing services and informative suggestions to maintain your properties pest-free. We have solid partnerships with real estate companies over the years of service.

Excel Pest Control meets all kind of pests and properties

Your place is susceptible to flying and crawling pests whether you’re in a residential or industrial setting. Worry no more because Excel Pest Control can eradicate every single one of them!

We have specific pest solutions for all types of problems to both industrial and residential areas such as bars, restaurants, shopping malls, manufacturing corporations, and more. All our eradication equipment and treatments are custom-made that has a broad scope of pest control services.

Pest Control Melbourne

Our four-step formula

Several pests can assault your residential or commercial property: some are obvious while others are well-hidden.

Our efficient four-step formula can manage both.

1. Listen

We hear our customer inquiries competently so we can address your pest problems the correct way. Our experts need to learn and understand your situation better so that we can equip our pest controllers with the appropriate equipment based on your specific pest problem.

2. Checkup

Our pest experts are confident in delivering a professional and trusted inspection to locate pests without significant interruption and damage to your premises. The assessment is necessary to determine the level of the pest problem.

3. Treatment

We utilise proven and tested environmentally-friendly treatments without adverse effects to you. Our treatments will vary for different pests; from Kordon Termite barriers, Termidor-- for termite treatments, Bi-flex 1%-- long-lasting protection on new infrastructures, chemical and baiting systems, as well as fumigation services.

4. Post-checkup

We will revisit your location and check for recurrence after efficiently eradicating pests in your building. Our experts will additionally provide recommendations to avoid pest infestation by using home remedies and eco-safe treatments.

The most efficient means to eradicate pests

About Excel Pest Control Melbourne

Exterminating pests has been one of the most inconvenient issues to deal with. With this, doing the eradication method alone imposes danger to your health. Pest control is a systematic study, and Excel Pest Control experts have mastered the extermination process.

Our licensed pest controllers are equipped with the best equipment to effectively manage your pest problems. We provide the most professional services, competent staff, technical recommendations that fit within the budget at Excel Pest Control Melbourne.

Our pest control arrangements come with pre and post-treatment which allows you to enjoy a reliable service without the recurrence of pests. Place your booking now and our fast-acting pest control experts will take urgent actions to be at your service.

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