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Insects Control

Having someone to rely on when it comes to disinsection is crucial. At Excel Pest Control we are qualified and guarantee you that we’ll eliminate all kinds of insects that are threatening your home. The majority of insects can be way more dangerous than you think. Termites, ticks, wasps – they all feed with blood and can spread a variety of diseases. When it concerns your health – you can trust us.

Rodents Control

Mice, rats and rodents are stubborn and it is a tough job to deal with them accurately. You can experience different kinds of threats in your property as they can easily destroy any wooden belongings. Moreover, we must note all the diseases these can spread. If you are facing a problem with rats, mice or rodents – we will deal with them and make sure to prevent them from accessing your home.

Maggots Control

If you’re not careful enough, maggots can infect your home and stay for a long time. When this is done, they can get into your body and cause cutaneous myiasis which can only be cured surgically. To avoid this, you must act on time and let the experts handle the case. We have the right equipment and use nature-friendly substances to remove maggots and make sure you are safe.

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